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Your external finance department

Tili Sydwest handle all aspects of their client company’s financial administration – in a way we assume the role of the client’s finance department.
Financial statements and accounting form the bulk of the business for accounting firms – approximately 90% of clients need these services. Clients could, however, benefit more from their financial statements. The current status of the company could be available almost in real time.

Tili Sydwest will provide information which is up-to-date and relevant to the client. We also correctly present the company’s figures. The company is then able to formulate accurate business plans based on this information.

Our accounting firm will provide information which is up-to-date and relevant to the client. We also correctly present your company’s figures to you. You are then able to formulate accurate business plans based on this information.

A survey conducted among the clients of accounting firms showed that companies are increasingly relying on external accounting services. Many companies purchase external services and typically need a variety of additional services besides the daily bookkeeping work.


If you intend to purchase accounting services, make sure your economic and taxation matters are in the hands of experts. An expert accounting firm can be identified by its membership of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. Member companies must fulfil strict membership requirements and meet high professional standards. The Association holds several educational events each year in order to enable its members to keep up-to-date.


Simply because time is money.

For any company it is more profitable to concentrate on their own core business and leave the figures to the experts. For a small-to-medium-sized company it is even more profitable because keeping accounts yourself proves just too costly. Using an authorised accounting firm guarantees value for money, and the expertise is always there.

It is strongly recommended that the accounting firm and its client enter into a formal written agreement on the scope and price of the services to be supplied. The most common terms of payment are either an hourly rate or a fixed charge per entry. As a client, always request a cost estimate – and keep your costs down by making sure you fulfil your part of the deal.


An accounting firm can be accepted as a member of the Association only if it fulfils certain requirements:

-The management has an appropriate commercial education background

-The management is sufficiently engaged in the accounting business to maintain their professional skills

-The management has passed the KLT accounting examination

-The firm has operated for at least two years

-The firm is able to operate independently

-The firm maintains the professional skills of its staff

-The firm follows good accounting practice

-The firm is inspected at the time of its membership application and at regular intervals during membership These measures are designed to guarantee a standard of expertise that will directly benefit the client company. They also enable you to make a quick evaluation of your potential accounting partner. Just check whether the firm is a member of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms.

Payroll and HR service


For an employee it is of high importance that the salary is correct. If the payroll administration not works good, it is also hazardous, because the employees, the tax authorities, the trade union, and the pension company can demand penalty. A professional payroll administration is the base for a good motivation on the place of work.


You need a lot of base knowledge to take care of matters of payroll and vacations, reports to authorities and transferring of data to the main accounting on a correct way. This is a field with continuous alterations, so the payroll accountant has all the time to take part of supplementary education, to have the knowledge up-to-date.
For the entrepreneur it may often be difficult to have time to concentrate at such matters, when it is more important to take care of the business. And if the company has employed a person for payroll matters that person is mostly the only one in the company who knows these things and it may cause problems if he/she quits or is not present because of sickness or vacation.


-We have the role of payroll department for our client companies. It is no matter where the employer geographically has its establishment. Our service covers all of Finland and we are serving employers from different continents.

-Our service includes payroll, tax returns, reports to the insurance companies, pension insurance companies, the centre of statistics, and when necessary reports to the trade unions.

-Our payroll division calculates vacation salaries and vacation bonus.

-The service includes calculating of travel compensations, daily allowances and fringe benefits.

-We take care of writing salary certificates and we make the applications to the Social Insurance Institution (KELA)

-Our clients can give us power to take care of the payments of salaries, withholding tax and social charges from the client’s bank account. For our international clients we also arrange separate client’s bank accounts.

-Our payroll division works in the same network as our accountants. If we also take care of the accounting of our client, all information from the payroll is in the same moment up-to-date for accounting, financial statements and tax return.

-We advice about HR and payroll matters. Sometimes the employer has complicated questions about how to understand labours collective agreements and Finnish acts. We have good interaction partners and we can offer special expertise by a network of human resources and Labour and Social Legislation.

Debt collection

If you don’t get payments from your customers in time, Tili Sydwest can take care of the debt collecting.

The debt collecting is easier if you remember to have written agreements and if you know the official name, register number (VAT number or Y-code) and company form. (You can check that on the website www.ytj.fi before you make any business with the customer). When your customer is a private person and he/she wants credit you should always ask for his/her Finnish id-number.

When you need help for debt collecting in Finland the easiest way is to contact Tili Sydwest. We send the voluntary debt collecting invoice as soon as you tell us that the invoice is not paid in time. And if the voluntary invoice don’t give result we send the case to the Finnish court where the client has its legal domicile and after the verdict to the executory authority.

Invoicing and payment services


The most unnecessary most small entrepreneurs are doing is to write same information in different systems again and again. They feed purchase invoices in a banking system, perhaps in separate account payable and then the accountant feeds the same information into the main book-keeping system. Of course there can happen mistakes with the many repetitions but more important is that the entrepreneur could have used his time for his business or to have some leisure time.

Let Tili Sydwest take care of the invoicing, following up the payments in the accounts receivable ledger, the reporting and the automatic transferring to the main accounting. Let us also take care of the purchase invoices, the payments. the accounts payable ledger and the automatic transferring to the main accounting. You will see that you will get more time, you will save some data processing costs and you can be sure that everything works even during the vacation period in your company.

All the work moments are integrated in the same system. That means that once produced data in the system van be transferred to the bank and the accounts ledger and the main accounting without any repetitions.

As the electronic invoices are becoming more common it is also possible to increase the automatic functions.


In our shop for the local market you can buy office equipment. We have only a little store but most things we can order for you and deliver in two days. Locally in the city of Pargas we deliver equipments to your address without transport charge.